Complaining about the lack of incoming email in my inbox worked!

I woke up this morning to an email notifying me that my short story, “Reflections” was accepted by Wicked East Press for their anthology, Soul Reflections! My first paying publication (okay, not paying much, but that wasn’t the point).

I submitted this back in late February. When I sent it off, I was really unhappy with one section, but I didn’t want to spend any more time on it as I needed to move forward onto the next Odyssey story. So, I submitted it thinking that at least the experience of submitting something would be good. I never expected it to be accepted. Yay me!

And yes, to anyone who is asking ‘why would you submit something that you didn’t think was ready’, I get it. I asked myself that same question. But, I wanted to submit something before I left for Odyssey, even if it was rejected, just so I wouldn’t have to admit that ‘no, I’ve never even tried submitting anything’ once I got there. And, I already had the story when I saw the call for submissions and the subject matter fit so perfectly, and the deadline was April 15, and so I submitted it.

I guess it worked out.

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