A Little Purple Book or Peculiar Stories” is a collection of five short stories by Craig Shaw Gardener, another of the guest lecturers that will be at Odyssey this year.

I’m not sure what to say about this book other than it is well titled. The stories are enjoyable and peculiar – ideas that I don’t think would ever occur to me. Here’s a rundown:

One More Song Before I Go – A man walks out on his wife after an argument and into a musical that he can’t seem to escape. If you like short stories and you like musicals, this one has both.

The Sinister Cheesecake – Sherlock Holmes comes to Broadway to solve a mystery. The first person voice of this story makes it a very fun read.

God’s Eyes – An earth where aliens occupiers transform humans into alien hybrids and the human religion that has evolved to resist this. This was my favorite story of the collection.

How Much Would You Pay? – What if Heaven and Hell ran infomercials to gain converts?

A Planet Called Elvis – a detective story set on a planet where everyone is dressed up as Elvis and every activity is Elvis-themed. If you like Elvis, you’ll enjoy all of the references to his life and music in this story.


Next up: Demons: A Clash of Steel Anthology – another book of short stories with one by another of the 2012 Odyssey lecturers – Elaine Issak.

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