► Have You Seen My Girl?     (January 2014)

An exotic stranger wanders into his life and then disappears just as mysteriously.

► Schrodinger’s Message     (October 2014)

An unopened message could be the good news she’s hoped for, or the loss she’s feared.

► Music and Poetry     (June 2015)

The passions of two incompatible worlds merge in the form of a child. How can he reconcile them?

► 500 Seconds     (July 2015)

What happens when the fate of the world rests in the hands of a man whose world is falling apart?

► The Transformation of Prince Humphrey     (October 2015)

Who has it in for the prince? A murder mystery style dinner. Or is it?

► Scenes from a Solitary Life     (November 2015)

What would it be like to grow up different that everyone else in history of the world? Would that difference be your strength? Or your weakness?

► The Stars We Reach (June 2016)

Reality is the path we choose from unlimited possibilities.

► Beats (February 2017)

Everyone chooses to disguise their differences, and sometimes the ones who do it best have the darkest secrets.

► The Secrets of Tea (March 2018)

Desperation opens doors we’d hoped to never pass through.