So, it’s been awhile, but I have excuses. One of my New Year resolutions is to get back to updating this blog regularly, and my life is finally (fingers crossed) back on track to do that.

So, what has happened since the last update?

First of all, I moved. Not far, just into the city (I love living in the city!). It wasn’t far, but it was an amazing amount of upheaval and distraction. I moved everything I could carry myself, one carload at a time, and then only hired movers to finish off the stuff that wouldn’t fit in the car. So that took weeks.

I went to World Fantasy Con in Toronto. It was smaller than I thought it would be and I didn’t expect much after arriving. It wasn’t the glitter and show of Chicago, but the panels were absolutely fantastic. I came back very happy that I’d gone and feeling that I’d learned more than I had at other conventions. Plus, I got to spend a day playing around in downtown Toronto. Fabulous city!

So, just before Christmas, with everything beginning to settle down, I turned my attention (finally!) back to my writing. That same week, someone broke into my house while I was at work (the downside of living in the city, I guess). They weren’t very good at thievery and managed to only get my laptop which was sitting in plain sight (and a couple of small Christmas presents). They even unplugged it from the charger and left the charger behind.

It was old and not used for much other than surfing the internet and… writing. Luckily, I keep my work on a flash drive that never leaves my pocket unless I’m writing, but still, nothing to plug it into. No way to write.

So, my Christmas present to myself was a new laptop, and finally (fingers crossed!) I’m back up and running. I submitted a story last week and just finished revising another which will be sent off by this weekend (this one just came back from Writers of the Future where it earned an honorable mention).

I have four more Odyssey stories waiting for revision plus one that I wrote shortly after I came back. So that’s where I’m headed next.

No more excuses!

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