I’ve sold a story to Alex Shvartman’s UFO4 anthology!




Unidentified Funny Objects is an ongoing successful series of anthologies specializing in specualtive humor. UFO4 will focus on the theme of dark fiction. These anthologies are chock full quality story goodness, well worth the price of admission. Along with newer authors (like me!), previous issues have included names such as Robert Silverberg, Ken Liu, Tim Pratt, Mike Resnick, Piers Anthony, Cat Rambo, and many more.

And that’s the most exciting thing about my story being in UFO4. It will be sharing a table of contents with Neil freakin’ Gaiman! Oh yeah, and George R. R. Martin. And Piers Anthony, Mike Resnick, Esther Friesner, Tim Pratt, and Jody Lyn Nye.

By far the most exciting thing that’s happened on the writing front for me so far.

And it’s been a good year so far (knock on wood). Hopefully I’ll have more good news coming soon.

Here’s a link to the UFO publishing blog: UFO Publishing

And here’s a link to the current UFO4 Kickstarter: UFO4


Happy New Year!

Someone once taught me that it’s important to set goals when it comes to writing. But not just any goals. Goals that you can measure, and more importantly, goals that you have control over. With writing, that means not goals like “I’m going to get accepted at XYZ,” or “I’m going to publish a best-seller.”

So, my goals for 2014 were simple. More of everything. Everything that I could control at least. That meant more new stories written, and more submissions.

Here’s how I did:



New stories written: 5

Submissions: 3 (1 acceptance)



New stories written: 4

Submissions: 19 (1 acceptance)



New stories written: 13

Submissions: 50 (1 acceptance, 9 pending)


So, as you can see, I blew my previous numbers away! Admittedly, the bar was not very high, but that’s why 2015 is going to be so exciting–because I’m going to do it again. More new stories, more submissions. That means at least 14 new stories, and at least 51 stories submitted to market. As a bonus, I’m also setting a goal of having a novel idea fleshed out and outlined. Not written, I’m not in a hurry to write novels, I still have short stories to master, but it won’t hurt to get a start.

I’d better get writing!

If it seems like my website looks different every time you load it lately, that’s because it is.

I’m leaving basic WordPress themes behind and developing my own. But, like my writing, I’m doing it without any grand plan in mind, so things are changing one piece at a time as I come up with something I like better.

Hopefully, it’s not too distracting, and it will get better and better looking. I like where it’s going so far.

SlamPrintAd-ScreenResIf you live in upper New England, and you like listening to stories, check this out.

On November 2nd, I’ll be joining 19 other writers at LaBelle Winery in Amherst, NH for a night of reading stories by a bonfire, drinking wine (or cider), and eating s’mores. There’s an amazing list of authors and it should be a blast listening to 20 awesome stories!

I’ll be reading “Alone,” a short that I’ve written recently,  It’s a sci-fi character piece about a boy born alone on a world of twins. I’m really proud of this piece, hopefully I’ll do it justice.

So, come hang out if you’re in the area, and say hi! I’d love to meet you.

LaBelle Winery Bonfire Story Slam

My story, “Schrodinger’s Message” is featured today at Daily Science Fiction. Have a look!

Schrodinger’s Message

This one was written in response to a prompt. I was given the title, and the rest grew from there.

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