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My story, “Schrodinger’s Message” is featured today at Daily Science Fiction. Have a look!

Schrodinger’s Message

This one was written in response to a prompt. I was given the title, and the rest grew from there.

And it’s up!

For those of you who may have missed it last week, my story is featured today on Daily Science Fiction’s website.

Have You Seen My Girl?


Story incoming

If you’re a subscriber to Daily Science Fiction (and why wouldn’t you be? An awesome free story in your inbox every day) then you’ll be getting my flash “Have You Seen My Girl?” in your inbox on the 23rd. I hope you enjoy it and I’d love to hear what you think.

If you’re not a subscriber, the story will be on Daily Science Fiction‘s website on January 30.

First of all, a sale! Actually, it happened back in October, but I was waiting to announce it until I knew when it would appear. This January 23rd, Daily Science Fiction subscribers will have my flash piece, “Have You Seen My Girl?” appear in their email inbox! If you’re not a DSF subscriber (and why wouldn’t you be? It’s a great story in your inbox every day. For free. Sign up here.), then it will appear on their website on January 30th. Give it a read and then come back here to let me know what you think. I’d love to hear your feedback.

And now, a plug. For Christmas, I loaded up my two dogs and drove to the east coast to spend the holidays with a friend. I’m a little bit crazy, so I drove the 1000+ miles in one go–almost 17 hours. And then I did it again, 10 days later, to come back home. 17 hours in a car is a loooong time, but I found a little magic that made the trip fly by. It was almost enjoyable, the first 14 or 15 hours at least. I dug up my ancient 40Gb first-gen iPod that is somehow still working. I downloaded every single story from, almost 400 stories, about 10Gb worth and put them all in a playlist. The moment the car started moving, I dialed up the playlist, put the iPod on shuffle, and listened to random short stories for the entire drive. Wow! Times flies when you are mentally lost in someone else’s world!

So, probably anybody who is reading this blog already knows about Podcastle, but if not, head over to Podcastle and start listening. You won’t be disappointed! I didn’t hear one story in the entire 34 hours that didn’t have me fully engaged. Not only are there up-and-coming authors who will delight you, but also stories by speculative fiction giants like N. K. Jemisin, Tim Pratt, Ken Liu, and Peter S. Beagle (if you don’t do anything else, listen to Podcastle’s very first story – “Come Lady Death” by Beagle. I found it nearly perfect.) And if you prefer horror or science fiction, try Podcastle’s sister sites, Pseudopod and Escape Pod. Enjoy!

Take that, inbox!

Complaining about the lack of incoming email in my inbox worked!

I woke up this morning to an email notifying me that my short story, “Reflections” was accepted by Wicked East Press for their anthology, Soul Reflections! My first paying publication (okay, not paying much, but that wasn’t the point).

I submitted this back in late February. When I sent it off, I was really unhappy with one section, but I didn’t want to spend any more time on it as I needed to move forward onto the next Odyssey story. So, I submitted it thinking that at least the experience of submitting something would be good. I never expected it to be accepted. Yay me!

And yes, to anyone who is asking ‘why would you submit something that you didn’t think was ready’, I get it. I asked myself that same question. But, I wanted to submit something before I left for Odyssey, even if it was rejected, just so I wouldn’t have to admit that ‘no, I’ve never even tried submitting anything’ once I got there. And, I already had the story when I saw the call for submissions and the subject matter fit so perfectly, and the deadline was April 15, and so I submitted it.

I guess it worked out.

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